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Pakistan Council for Human Rights (PCHR) / Introduction Mission & Vision


Pakistan Council for Human Rights (PCHR) is a non-political, non profit making, non partisan and an independent registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working voluntarily for the protection and promotion of Human Rights, Civil Society Development, Peace and Social Justice. PCHR was established in early 1996, its registered office in Lahore (Pakistan).


Pakistan Council For Human Rights (PCHR) aims at protection and promotion of human rights for the vulnerable, indigenous and disadvantaged segments of the society through inculcating social justice, peace, tolerance, equity and equality, resolution of social conflicts/issues besides eradication of poverty, democratization, accountability, good governance, networking of civil society organizations  and uplift of transparency in electoral process, by adopting multidimensional approaches and allied interventions at all level.


Pakistan Council For Human Rights (PCHR) strives to ensure provision of basic amenities of life to the marginalized, vulnerable and poverty striking local communities besides promotion and protection of human rights regardless of caste, colour, creed, religion, language, gender and social status

·  To work for the rectification and implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other
    related Charters, Convention, Resolutions and Recommendations.
·    To educate the peoples about the sanctity of Human Rights and to make utmost efforts for the promotion of sublime human values.
·   To create awareness among the people about their legal, constitutional, social and culture rights.
·   To wage struggle for the establishment of a society which should protect and safeguard the norms of
    fundamental rights.


·   To provide all kinds of possible relief and succor, including legal aid to the victims of human rights        violations.                          
·     To strive for the cause of children’s rights, prosperity and the elimination of child labour.
· To ward off all kinds of exploitation, injustice,discriminations and domestic violations against                      women.
·   To exert for the rights and welfare of the prisoners, including juvenile delinquents.
·   To struggle against torture, cruel and inhuman treatment or barbarous punishment.
·   To work for the promotion of general literacy especially among women and rural population.
·   To undertake integrated initiative for the advocacy and education of human rights.


PCHR is a group of activists, intellectuals and professionals concerned with the cause of human rights. The organization is working on voluntary basis in a very wide range notwithstanding the limited strength of its staff. The members of Executive Committee (EC) including office bearers of PCHR are selected for a term of the office bearers can be simultaneously a member of any political party.


Pakistan Council for Human Rights (PCHR) has the following five units. All these units of PCHR working in a close coordination and seek policy guidance through a well defined and well managed operational mechanism.
Human Rights Educations Unit
Human Rights Education programme is the focal point of PCHR’s strategies. It aims at promoting consciousness of human rights among the people particularly among the rural communities through human rights education programmes, workshops and other related venture.
Legal Aid Unit
PCHR provides free counseling and Legal Aid to the victims of human rights violations. The following issues are given special consideration:-

v To redress all kinds of injustice to end discrimination against women, including the
     matters pertaining to the violations and denial of basic rights and civil liberties.
v   Providing legal aid to the poor and innocent prisoners, including juvenile delinquents
v   Legal aid to the victimized children’s of Child Labor, Bounded and Forced labor.

Resource Development Unit
Resource Development Unit of PCHR envisages effective/compatible systems for the collection, analysis and evaluation of data regarding human rights violations, abuses through its volunteers and grass root level organizations network.

(i) Training
PCHR plans to undertake training programmes for the trainers to facilitate the integrated and sustained dissemination of human rights education at grass roots level.

(ii) Library
PCHR Resource Unit has a wide range of literature, including Books, periodicals, journals, articles, press clippings and other material in English and Urdu on issues concerning to human rights.

(iii)Audio Visual Section
Documentaries, photographs and visual material are provided for publication and education.

Research and Publication Unit

PCHR consistently undertakes research activities, aiming to improve the knowledge among the people and to create awareness about human rights. Research is made after the collection of necessary data and other related information for better planning to achieve the objectives of PCHR.
(i) An independent Monthly  Magazine in Urdu “Human Rights Watch“continuously    published from Lahore focusing on human rights issues. The said Magazine is also available online at

(ii) PCHR as well releases publications, posters, pamphlets, stickers etc on human   rights             situation/issues from time to time.

Networking Unit

We are very keen to develop a concerted network with other grassroots level organizations, groups, institutions, CBO’s and individuals, working in similar fields for disseminating information, facilitating frequent contacts, exchanging ideas and planning joint activities for achievement common objectives.

Activities of PCHR

ØTo organize Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Meetings, Rallies and walks for creating consciousness among the people about the issues related to human rights
Ø To rise lobbies and fact-finding missions in order to collect information regarding human rights violations, deprivation and to strive for their redress in different court of law and government departments.
ØTo send its delegate to various sectors/spheres of society including rural areas to educate, motivate and mobilize the public opinion against usurpation of human rights and endeavoiur for restoration of their basic rights.
Ø To facilitate effective participation in the world wide programmes on issues related to human rights so as to enable the participants to share their experiences with each other.

Pakistan Council for Human Rights (PCHR) has a four tier organizational structure.


General Body consists of all members of PCHR and holds its general session once a year, in which the members are apprised of the yearly report for approval.  Moreover, the GB is privileged to elect the members of Executive Body and Office Bearers of  PCHR


Governing Body consists of the office bearers of PCHR who are responsible for the administration and management of the organization.


Executive Body supervised and monitor all the activities and heading towards the sustainability of the programmes related to the aims and objectives of the organization. The EB is also responsible for the financial and executive affairs of PCHR. Its meeting is held at least once a month


The Advisory Board comprises of specialists and technocrats from respective fields with the task to chalk-out strategies, polices and provides guidelines.

PCHR has partnership/accreditation with national, regional and international organizations/Networks /Forums etc, some of them given below:-
*      United Nations  Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
*      The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders(OMCT) Geneva  Switzerland
*      Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Paris, France
*      World Alliance For Citizen Participation (CIVICUS) Johannesburg, South Africa.
*      Association for Women’s Rights For Development (AWID) Toronto, Canada
*       International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) Paris,Farance
*      World Chiropractic Alliance World Chiropractic Alliance Canada
*      Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) Hong Kong China
*      Carnegie Endowment For International Peace (Washington)
*      World Organization Against Torture (OMCT) Switzerland
*      Department for International Development DFID (UK)
*      Human Rights Education Associates (HREA) Netherlands
*      World Movement For Democracy (Washington, USA)
*      Peninsula Peace and Justice Center (PPJC) California,USA
*      Humanitarian News and Analysis (IRIN) UN Office
*      Child Rights International Network (CRIN) UK
*      New  Tactics in Human Rights Project USA
*      Transparency International (Berlin Germany)
*      The Independent Institute ,Washington USA
*      Open Society Foundations, New York
*      Commonwealth Club California,USA
*      Amnesty International (USA

How is PCHR Funded?
The funds of Pakistan Council For Human rights (PCHR) are raised from:-

*   Membership Fee, Donations Grants and Income generated from its various activities.
    To secure independence of the organization, all contributions require prior approval of
    Executive Committee (EC) of PCHR.
*   All accounts of PCHR are auditable and strictly controlled under the guidelines laid down
     by the Executive Committee (EC) of PCHR

You Can Support PCHR

*                  Referring victims to it for assistance and legal aid
*                  Providing it the information about violation of human rights.
*                  Participating in its public awareness programmes, campaigns, dialogues, seminars, workshops and other related activities.
*                  Getting Membership of PCHR and sending us donations.
 Contact Us

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